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Now You Can Provide your Patients with Fast and Powerful Relief from Dentin Hypersensitivity
New Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer is changing the way clinicians treat dentin hypersensitivity by using the elements that are naturally found in the tooth, (calcium and phosphate) and restoring them to the tooth in the form of hydroxyapatite plugs that quickly block the open tubules. Then, as calcium and phosphate ions continue to release, mineralization occurs to further seal the tubules.

Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer is also considered highly biocompatible as there are no methacrylates or soft-tissue irritating chemicals used during production.

Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer is engineered to treat sensitivity related to:

  • Exposed roots after perio surgery
  • Bleaching procedures
  • Scaling or root planing
  • Hypersensitivity due to gingival recession

Predicta Desensitizer is a syringe-dispensed gel that requires no mixing. Simply remove any calculus or plaque from the treatment site, blot the area dry with a cotton roll or gauze and you are good-to-go.


Engineered to Treat Sensitivity the Bioactive Way

  • Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer is the ONLY FDA-clearedbioactivedesensitizer
  • Provides quick & powerful pain relief
  • Creates a layer of mineral hydroxyapatite as well as hydroxyapatite plugs through continuous release of calcium & phosphate ions that seal the tubules
  • Syringe-dispensed gel requires no mixing placement with no-mess application

Single Syringe, Three Syringes

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